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EnTechSolv's bolt-on solutions in Oracle ERP Applications area are grouped under the "eCSuite" product line.


ecShip provides seamless integration of Oracle Shipping to third party Shipping & Manifesting systems. ecShip is designed to integrate Oracle Applications with Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and directly with Carrier Shipping systems. ecShip provides the missing link between Oracle Applications and Shipping.

The main Problem (The HardShip…)

Customers using Oracle Order Entry/Order Management and a third-party Shipping application must enter and maintain shipping /manifesting information manually or resort to customizing Oracle Order Entry and Shipping Application. In Release R12, Oracle provides a seeded integration with UPS but this is a separate piece of software to be purchased by customers.

The ecShip Solution

The eCShip solution is a fully integrated, quick and easy cost effective turnkey solution. It lets customers use any third party ODBC-compliant Shipping and Manifesting system thereby opening up a possibility to shop around for the best carrier for each shipment based on business rules. It supports all Oracle releases from 10.7 NCA forward and provides a seamless upgrade path for Oracle ERP applications.

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ecReceive is a product to ease PO receiving by letting the users receive:

multiple POs in the same shipment from one supplier

  • multiple shipments in a PO line

  • into multiple destinations (wareshouse organizations) in each PO Line shipment

  • defaulting Bin-locations by Warehouse or by sub-inventory location or by item

  • from spreadsheets

  • with a one-click operation thru a Web Front-end Interface

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ecServ automates the Service Request(SR)/RMA/Repair/Sales Order/Installed Base cycle by:

  • Creating and booking an RMA automatically from SR

  • Automatically receiving the damaged product against the RMA

  • Creating a Replacement Sales Order from the repair line even though the damaged product is still in WIP and the repair is not complete

  • Shipping the same product as the repair line product (different serial number) or a different product via replacement sales order

  • Receiving the damaged product from a different customer than the owning customer (stored within the Installed Base (IB))

  • Having an option to retain or change the ownership of the product in the Installed Base (which is part of the Oracle Service module prior to R12)

  • Automatically transferring the service details from the Installed Base to the Replacement Sales Order

  • Automatically transferring the Service/WIP/Repair details to the Sales Order as an attachment

  • Automatically transferring the serial number to the shipping confirm detail window from the repair line to obviate a manual ‘detail required’ process while ship confirm

  • Automatically updating the Installed Base with the shipment information.

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Pick Confirmation is a process introduced in Oracle R12 eBusiness Suite. It is to confirm picking of the product and movement to the STAGING subinventory before shipping. This (pick confirm) transaction can be done either manually or automatically by setting a flag during Pick Release. Though a good warehousing/shipping concept, the standard Oracle feature requires you to switch responsibility (from Oracle Shpping or OM) to Inventory Module and perform what is called a 'Transact Move Order' operation on the Pick Wave Transaction to accomplish Pick Confirmation. To make it more cumbersom, Oracle requires the user to know what is called a Move Order 'Header Number' or a Move Order 'Line Number' to be able to query the Pick Wave Transaction.


EnTechSolv's ecPick eases and enhances the R12 Pick Confirm process by :

  • providing an easy-to-use interface when compared to standard Inventory Transact Move Order Interface

  • providing an additional Pick Verification feature thereby minimizing data entry error or material pilferage

  • letting you query the Pick Wave transaction by Delivery ID

  • simply letting you scan your bar-coded Part Numbers

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