EnTechSolv's Consulting Services exceeds customer expectations and has an edge over competition both in quality and value.

You will not just hear jargons and 'service-marked' methodology names from our consultants but will experience cutting edge services that include

  • Business Functional Consulting: where the consultant not only brings in product knowledge but also the best of breed business knowledge from previous assignments of similar nature
  • Technical Consulting: where the consultant uses strong technical tools knowledge, brings to table her/his in-depth technical understanding of the business software being imlemented and draws from a proven-track record of conceiving, designing and implementing technical solutions.



EnTechSolv assists customers in :

  • Evaluation
  • Strategy Analysis
  • Contract Services

Special areas where consulting services are provided include

ERP (Oracle Applications , Peoplesoft)
CRM (Siebel, Clarify)
eCommerce (Vignette, Broadvision, J2EE, EJB, XML, Cold Fusion)
eProcurement, SCP (Supply Chain Planning)

Business Process Re-Engineering




EnTechSolv has a proven track record in full life-cycle implementations and is fully capable of assisting customers in its different implementation phases:

  • Planning
  • Process Analysis
  • Technical Architecture
  • Application Design
  • Data Modeling
  • Customization
  • Data conversion and Migration
  • Education and Training
  • Integration and Testing
  • Project Management

Special areas where implementation services are provided include

ERP (Oracle Applications , Peoplesoft)
CRM (Siebel, Clarify)
eCommerce (Vignette, Broadvision, J2EE, EJB, XML, Cold Fusion)
eProcurement, SCP (Supply Chain Planning)

Business Process Re-Engineering


TRAINING (Custom training)

EnTechSolv has assisted several customers with their complete training needs prior to implementation of the Oracle Applications suite of business modules.

Special areas where custom corporate training can be provided include

ERP (Oracle Applications)
DBMS (Oracle 11g DataBase Management Systems)
Development Tools (Oracle Developer 10g)



EnTechSolv currently markets two bolt-on products in the Oracle Applications environment:

These are:

eCShip for Oracle Applications
eCServ for Oracle Applications



Data Conversion and Migration Services

EnTechSolv provides comprehensive and detailed Data Migration and Conversion Services.

Data Conversion vs Data Migration

Often misunderstood / understated, Data Conversion typically consists of efforts related to converting data within an existing data base (from one release / version to a higher release / version) along with handling the application conversion requirements


Data Migration consists of efforts related to converting Data / applications from one set of applications / database to another set of applications / databases (including but not limited to the use of different tools and technologies and hardware / storage requirements)

Data Migration and Conversion Components include (but not limited to)

Requirements Study of Current Applications and Databases

(As-Is State)

Future State Applications and Databases Definition (To-Be State)
Data Conversion / Migration Planning
Data Identification (Data Formats, Data Logic, Data Contents, etc)
Data Cleansing (Purge unwanted data, Clean / Update relevant data, etc)
Data Mapping (Data Logic, Business Logic, Application Logic)
Data Conversion / Migration Scripts Development
Data Conversion (Extract, Stage, Map, Convert, Load)
Application Conversion (Port Applications, Address Tools / Technologies Relevance)
Prototype Definition / Test / Acceptance (including Test Load Criteria Definition)
Conversion Unit Testing
Data Conversion Link Testing
Data Migration System Testing
Data Volume / Scalability Testing
User Acceptance
Post-Implementation Support of Data Conversion / Migration Efforts

EnTechSolv has completed several Data Conversion / Migration engagements including new implementations and upgrades of Oracle Applications involving converting data from a set of legacy applications / databases to Oracle applications / databases


Migrating applications / data from one database to another (such as from Sybase / Power builder applications to Oracle 9i / Java based applications).

EnTechSolv has successfully participated in efforts related to converting data/applications from multiple systems to ONE INTEGRATED SOLUTION.

EnTechSolv services are designed to help businesses with diverse database systems simplify the processes required to migrate data between systems, update/upgrade/modify database as well as storage environments, improve data integrity, and reduce overall data conversion/migration investments.

EnTechSolv is very conversant (having successfully carried out) with migrating enterprise data throughout an organization including tasks such as populating a relational database for a new application, moving data to a data warehouse or data mart, or serving as a data interface between two or more database applications.



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